portraits - Grace McConnell


How do you want the world to see you? Ideal for actors, artists, musicians, authors, chefs, business owners, or ANYBODY, really - doing a branding shoot is an excellent way to market yourself for your career! These shots are perfect for websites and social media. I do these sessions on location based on your look, your personality, and your audience. 

One Hour Session on Location, 15 retouched digital files: $150


Who wants another boring school portrait with the same boring backdrop?! This is such an exciting time in your life! I want to capture you, right on the brink of adulthood. Everyone should know who you are and what you like! Do you want glamour shots? Simple, but elegant? Nature pics? I'll travel wherever you like to get the shots of your dreams.

One Hour Session on Location, 15 retouched digital files: $200


Looking to get into the modeling business? Let's build your portfolio with stunning images of you! We will discuss dress, location, and your career goals to get the bookings you've dreamed of!

One Hour Session on Location, 10 retouched files: $125

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